Drums For sale Djembe Repairs

Djembe Drums for sale – packages for schools 

Authentic Quality assured hand made fair trade instruments made by musicians in Africa. Supporting our friends and their communities.
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Suitable for all groups and schools. Available in packages of any amount you need Delivered to you and ready to play.

Please get in touch with your requirements and up to date prices.

Delivered for small charge to anywhere in UK

 Djembe drums for sale


best Djembe drums

Always in stock a range of quality djembes, djun djuns,  Professional and master.


Please ask to come and view or have one delivered.

african drums for sale
Superb Quality traditional Goatskin African Djembe Drum Large full size.
Height 25” Head 13”

Made by our talented craftsmen friends in West Africa – Guinea it is Fair trade and excellent quality assured and know your purchase will be really helping support lives of a community of craftsmen and their families.

This wonderful Djembe drum is Made from Lenke wood which is a very strong hard wood.

Drum has rubber base to protect floor/ drum and to assist positioning grip/ stability whilst playing.

Goatskin head is excellent quality and is styled with a neat edge gripping over the ring with plenty of scope for tuning higher with black non stretch tuning ropes positioned in a secure structure.

The drum is set low pitched and nice deep base sound which will benefit from professional tune up if higher resonance required. I can provide a wonderful Professional Djembe drum tuner/repairer contact available for London area if you want to get in touch for this service please email or phone.

The delivery is courier arranged or pick up also possible with prior booked arrangement.

Why not have a traditional hand crafted Fair Trade African Fabric carry case at only £33 to help protect and carry your drum see-separate listing

Any questions please get in touch

   Djembe Repairs – Re-skinning service in London

We offer a professional and efficient Re-skinning, tuning and repair service for djembe drums and Dun duns.

LAD promo Dia repairs

Please note usual time frame  to do this skilled job is 2-3 weeks.

Please goatskinscontact us with your requirements and our rates. Pleasetry and measure the head of the drum for a more accurate quote.



“Thanks again for the brilliant job re-skinning my Djembe drum.
I am so chuffed with result. Great workmanship and attention to detail.
He even went to the trouble of shaving a map of Africa on the skin 🙂
Great tuning !   I am up and drumming again 🙂 “



LAD Fairtrade images
Beautiful Fabric djembe carry bags for purchase. Hand made in Africadjembe-bags-2013





Fantastic Traditionally Handcrafted African Batik Fabric Wall Art

Traditionally handcrafted by friends & family  in Senegal West Africa.

These beautiful pieces are traditionally created by our family and friends  using wax and pigments to dye to  and educate about historic cultural  history of West Africa and Senegal village life.

see the process here

Size 90 inches x 47 inches approx  in cotton acrylic mix fabric. Please email if you wish to purchase any and or would like to see more options.

£50 each

African Batik Wall Hanging art

African Batik Art

African Batik Art

African Batik Art

African Batik Art

African Batik Art

African Batik Art

African batik Art

14 thoughts on “Drums For sale Djembe Repairs

  1. Rebecca Wasteney


    I would like to buy one Djembe Drum. Would you be able to give me an idea of prices and types that you sell and some advice on the best ones. Please can you let me know if you also offer a teacher discount.

    Many Thanks


  2. Manos

    Hi There,

    I’d like to enquire about your prices for small to medium size djembes for workshops. Ideally all wooden djembes, slightly flexible on size and perhaps my purchase may even vary in sizes. Initially only 10 required but interested in finding out what package deals you do and their prices.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,


  3. Alan Gruner

    Work in a school in Islington and wondering about repairing a couple of djembes….Want to see a picture of them? Could I cab them over?

  4. Ronen Ghoshal

    I am interested in getting a new Djembe Drum. Would you be able to give me an idea of prices: the one above that is 13″ made from Lenke wood sounds great….. “Superb Quality traditional Goatskin African Djembe Drum Large full size. Height 25” Head 13”

    Do you have smaller djembes at 12” head made from the same Lenke wood?


    1. London African Drumming

      Depends what you prefer and what is important to you in a drum. I offer a try before you buy at our workshops and they range in size and price from £40- £300. call me to discuss and ask any questions

  5. raf

    could you recommend a good djembe teacher or classes in west / south kensington area ?
    many tks I will call to buy a djembe once found a teacher or a class

  6. John

    Hi, Following our phone conversation last week I confirm my wish to buy a djembe, I think that a 13 inch diameter one would be the size to go for and understand that you are about to have a delivery of new drums. I am based in the midlands but happy to come to London on a Tuesday evening when you have a selection to choose from. Could you please let me know the best time to visit. Thanks John


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