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Welcome to London African Drumming

Leading community providers of amazing fun Traditional African drumming dance & performance workshops in London & UK

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We provide amazing, fun, Traditional African drumming, dance and music performance workshops in London & UK. Offering tailor made workshops and performances for your Organisation, School or community. Let us come to you bringing Joy, rhythm and positivity!

Founded by Sue Goode MBACP (Accred) whose aim is to promote a sense of community spirit, wellbeing and positive healing through the transformational process of group rhythm. As a senior practitioner Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor my research and experience inform me that it really does promote and help well-being and increase self esteem. In its simplest form, It’s emulating the first loud rhythm ever heard- the mothers heartbeat whilst in the womb!

One way in which we feel it works positively is the vibrations  resonating through the body can assist the clearing of chakra points/energy pathways and helping stuck emotions to release . Slapping a beating a drum certainly helps to de-stress and express our natural rhythm.

My Participants feedback social, cognitive, emotional and health benefits they experience especially if attend regularly. including Reduced blood pressure, deeper sense of belonging and increased confidence and better mood and ability to focus and concentrate.

I see djembe drumming as helping to build and link neural pathways in the brain. By drumming with both hands it helps stimulate both left and right brain hemispheres and its like a total brain workout!

I also wanted to provide a valuable teaching platform for talented and gifted traditional African musicians to showcase and perfect their teaching and English skills whilst staying true to their Cultural Heritage and to help them bring this rich tradition to a UK audience and participants. Really showing us how to express, make music and most importantly how music can makes us feel good!


The benefits of djembe drumming in a group setting are widely recognised and documented. Our members describe the process as joyful, therapeutic and it bringing a sense of belonging and harmony. Traditional African music creates an atmosphere of warmth, joy and connection between people. An Ancient healing tool.

Our workshops are facilitated by a wide variety of talented and passionate musicians, who teach a range of authentic African rhythms.

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or call Sue on 07904 091763.

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Sue Goode Set up the Community African Drumming workshops 10 plus years ago as a ‘Not for Profit’ community group offering a fun, uplifting experience whilst learning traditional African rhythms. It’s open djembe drumming workshops for beginners and improvers in the City of London & East London.

The group is always suitable for beginners and those wanting to improve their djembe drumming techniques. Djembe drums are provided, so no need to have your own drum, but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you like. All abilities are welcomed.

This weekly group runs every Tuesday eve at 6.45pm and the first Saturday of each month at 1.30pm at The Vatican Music studios in Bethnal Green/Stepney Green East London and  is only £20 (£13 concessions) inclusive of djembe drum hire and 2 hours of workshop/social from amazingly talented African Drummers.

Whilst the group has some regular members, you can jump in (and out!) at any time. The idea is to come and have fun. If you can’t make it one week, you can always come another. You are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Our African Drumming Circle is aimed at learning traditional African music to create different rhythms and beats through drumming and song. We believe the benefits of African drumming are:



African drumming is suitable for people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities. It is a fun, therapeutic way of communicating and expressing.

Playing the djembe drums improves co-ordination and motor skills. It also requires concentration and focus to learn the different beats and techniques.

African drumming encourages creativity and self expression and promotes self-confidence and a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Creating music as a group encourages bonding within the group and makes people much more appreciative of each other. It creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness within the group.

It provides an appreciation of cultural diversity both locally and globally.

BBC link talking more in depth about the benefits of drumming which you may find interesting.

African Drumming in London


Some of the Organisations and local Councils we have had the pleasure of working with in partnership

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Knit for Africa Project


Working in collaboration with Project Okurase

see video here

Get knitting!! because London African Drumming are collecting any hand knitted garments and blankets for regular delivery to project Okurase where items will be distributed to those most in need in orphanages and medical outreach centers.Every little helps and you can be assured that your items get to where most needed. I Will bring regular updates so you can see the difference it makes to the lives of children and adults in the region.




Please post knitted items recorded delivery to

London African Drumming

Room 112 Longcroft House

Victoria Avenue




Thank you!


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